Hey and welcome to TaKeN eSports/Gaming Community!

TaKeN started off as a gaming clan for both casual and competitive players, for us this was a bit overwhelming, so we decided to make TaKeN a casual gaming community.

In our discord server you will always have someone to play with and to squad up with! We play alot of games and are excited to add even more! We also support streamers and content creators! We are looking to expand and find more sponsors and designers! We hope that you join us on this journey and have alot of fun in our server and make new friends! We also support streamers and content creators!

We also have competitive teams!

Our server rules are:

#1 Swearing is allowed, but may NEVER hurt or insult anyone in any way!

#2 No form of sexism, homophobia, racism, discrimanation etc. is allowed and if you do cross this rule you will get banned!

#3 Any form of spam is not allowed! (Unless it is in the #spam chat!)

#4 Don’t spam or whine for mods, this will result in a warning!

#5 No self-promoting in general! Every channel is meant for their own subjects!

#6 You are obligated to have a mic!

#7 Do not use @everyone if you are not staff!

#8 You have to speak english AT LEAST decent! (Enough to speak and understand/communicate with people!)

#9 You have to be 11+ to join (age)

Our Patrons (Donators):

– [TKN] Guts – TaKeN Epic Tier 5$ p/month

– [TKN] Jblack – TaKeN Common Tier 2$ p/month



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