-If you Join the Discord Then you Are already in the Clan. You only need to do a tryout for your Rank

-The Rank Will be Calculated with Points. The Only Diffrent’s is if you wanna do a Dota 2 Tryout or a Fortnite Tryout.

-Any Age Allowed. You only need to have the Game 😀

-And Please Follow the Rule’s So Everybody can Like you.

-Even if your Not good at those Two Game’s We will Still Have you Here with Open Arms.

-The Admin [Plat] Is for Dota 2 | xXDemonWolfXx [Co-Owner] & Demon~Ghost [The one who made this] Are for Fortnite Tryouts.

-So If you Joined The Discord Then Well Welcome You have become a Demon Furry Any Furry You can be a Wolf Cat What ever! Even a Fox I guess :p

-We arent Really those Furry Lovers on the Internet we are Just Called like that xD

-Ghost [Me] is 15. So Yeah He is a Young Clan Owner. He is Pretty New to this. But Dont Judge him Or he will probally kick your butt. [Just Joking]

-We are doing Tournament’s Based on how many Player’s we are on Fortnite or Dota 2. So yeah Please join and win Prize’s

-if we hit 100 Member’s then I’ll do a Face Reveal.



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